Saturday, 18 July 2015

Something from the pages

I hear Your flute calling me.
I long to drop all and rush to seek You
but when I try to move closer
I find my feet are bound by the heavy chains of this world
and they won't let me go
Only my anguished mind can try to seek You.

How many rivers of tear must I cry?
I desire not for any great gifts
But just to humbly love You always
I desire neither liberation nor immortality,
This You may give to others.
I am ready to take any number of births
To bear any number of sorrows
If You but promise to dwell in my heart always
And teach me to love You.

I search the empty skies-but I never see You
I turn around with my breath held in
anticipation but You are never behind me.
My tear drops are my constant companions
we wait together hoping one day to find You.

I do not ask for anything
But the touch of Your lotus feet
And love for You to keep me company always.
The lotus of my heart seeks its home with You
Let not this lonely flower wither away while waiting for You.

--- Sacred Journey